World Travel, Simplified

The world is a big place, but today you can discover different cultures and experience some of the wonders of the world without even leaving home.

So for the sake of simplification, we've broken the world down into bite-sized regions -- each with an overview, some movies and songs to give you the feel and our own SWeeT take on specific countries at the bottom of each section.

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Africa Travel

Africa is so huge that you can fit the U.S. with Alaska, Europe, and China into it. So it stands to reason that there is a lot of diversity. What comes to mind when you think of Africa? A song by Toto? An African safari? Tribal culture? Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu? Or maybe the Nile and Egypt? Each represents a different aspect of the continent.

Major airports in: Cairo, Dakar, Nairobi, Casablanca, Dar Es Salaam, Capetown (and many others)

Movies for inspiration, education and contemplation: African Queen , Casablanca , The Mummy , Out of Africa , Invictus , Blood Diamond , District 9 , Hotel Rwanda .

Songs for your soundtrack: Africa/Toto , The Lion Sleeps Tonight/The Tokens , anything by Ladysmith Black Mambazo , Free-eee Nelson Mandela/The Specials AKA

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Morocco, Egypt, Kenya & Tanzania!

Asia Travel

Asia is actually the largest continent. Using bodies of water as boundary descriptions, it spans East from the Suez Canal, Mediterranean and Black Sea to the Pacific, and from the Arctic Ocean to the Indian Ocean. It can be sub-divided into the Middle East, East Asia, South Asia and SouthEast Asia.

Generally speaking, it is East Asia that Americans are thinking of when they think of Asian culture--China, Japan, Korea. But South Asians--people from India, Sri Lanka and the rest of the region--consider themselves Asians as well. (Sometimes being p.c. can be so confusing!) Wanna try to cover it all? Follow the Silk Road!

Major airports in: Dubai, New Delhi, Colombo, Singapore, Bangkok, Taiwan, Tokyo

Movies for inspiration, education and contemplation:
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom , Lara Croft: Tomb Raider , Eat Pray Love (though the book is better!), The Kite Runner , Slumdog Millionaire , Octopussy , Lost in Translation , The Karate Kid II (Ralph Macchio) , The Karate Kid 2010 (Jaden Smith) , The Beach , Brokedown Palace , The Year of Living Dangerously .

Songs for your soundtrack:
One Night In Bangkok/Murray Head , Thank U/Alanis Morissette , Desert Rose/Sting feat. Cheb Mami, Holiday In Cambodia/Dead Kennedys , Turning Japanese/The Vapours , Big In Japan/Alphaville , China Girl/David Bowie

Find out more! Our SWeeT take on:
China, Japan, India and Sri Lanka!

Australia Travel

Australia (AKA "Oz") is about the same size as the U.S., but with less than a tenth of the population. Nearby New Zealand is a separate entity, but since we're going for general regional areas, we're including it here because we don't want it to be forgotten!

Because of it's relative isolation geographically, their wildlife has developed along distinctive paths with animals such as koalas, kangaroos, and Tasmanian devils being found nowhere else. Their indigenous people, known as Aborigines,and the Maori in New Zealand, offer rich cultural treasures and a window back in time.

Major airports in: Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Auckland

Movies for inspiration, education and contemplation:

Baz Luhrmann's Australia , Crocodile Dundee , Muriel's Wedding , Mad Max/Road Warrior ; and for New Zealand: The Lord of the Rings

Songs for your soundtrack:

Down Under/Men at Work , Beds are Burning/Midnight Oil ; and for New Zealand: Mean To Me/Crowded House.

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Europe Travel

Europe is the place where Western Civilization was built. Ancient Greek culture is the basis of our philosophy and government, the English language is a mix of Germanic and Latin languages, and most Americans can trace their roots back to Europe.

The Grand Tour of Europe used to be considered an essential rite of passage for the well-bred and well-educated, and to some extent, still is. With castles and palaces, museums and monuments, temples and cathedrals, rivers and canals, and food and wine to savor...let's go right now!

Major airports in: London, Paris, Rome, Frankfurt, Zurich

Movies for inspiration, education and contemplation:
The Da Vinci Code (though the book is better), Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade , Angels & Demons (here too, the book is better), Jumper

Songs for your soundtrack:
The Metro/Berlin , London Calling/The Clash , I Love Paris/Ella Fitzgerald , Vienna/Ultravox , London's Brilliant Parade/Elvis Costello , 99 Luftballons/Nena , Norwegian Wood /The Beatles, Finland/Monty Python

Find out more about European Travels
from our sister site, WoW Excursions

Find a Festival use it as your excuse to explore Europe!

North America Travel

"From the mountains, to the prairies, to the oceans white with foam..." says the song, and though it's called "God Bless America " we can decide for our purposes that the "North" is implied. In any case, it gives an idea of the diversity available between Canada, the U.S. and Mexico. And don't forget Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico, as well as the Caribbean!

With tropics and deserts, big cities and wide open spaces, culture and modernity, and people from all over the world, you could almost experience the world without leaving the country.

Major airports in: Honolulu, Los Angeles, Dallas, Minneapolis, New York, Washington DC, Miami

Movies for inspiration, education and contemplation:
City Slickers , Pirates of the Caribbean , Into the Wild , Gone with the Wind , Forgetting Sarah Marshall , Pleasantville , When Harry Met Sally , Sleepless in Seattle.
TV Series: Northern Exposure .

Songs for your soundtrack:
America/Neil Diamond , Born In The U.S.A./Bruce Springsteen , Route 66/Depeche Mode , Kokomo/The Beach Boys , American Boy/Estelle (Feat. Kanye West) , Young Americans/David Bowie .

See North America while time traveling
as part of our Steampunk Round-the-World Itinerary!

Find a Steampunk, Sci-Fi, Fantasy or Comic Convention
that feeds your inner geek as your excuse
to explore North America!

South America Travel

Thinking of this continent brings to mind images of the Amazon, Machu Picchu and the open arms of Christ the Redeemer over Rio de Janeiro harbor and Carnivale. We'll include Central America here too, since the Spanish language ties them together. And why not Mexico too? Even though it's definitely in North America. Then again, about half of South America (basically the amount taken up by Brazil) speaks Portuguese.

South America boasts the highest waterfall (Angel Falls, Venezuela), the largest river and rainforest (The Amazon), the longest mountain range (The Andes), and the highest capital city (La Paz, Bolivia).

Major airports in: Bogota, Buenos Aires, Caracas, Mexico City, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paolo, Santiago

Movies for inspiration, education and contemplation:
Romancing the Stone , Raiders of the Lost Ark , Rio (animated) , Evita , The Motorcycle Diaries Like Water for Chocolate.

Songs for your soundtrack:
Rio/Duran Duran , Desafinado/George Michael with Astrud Gilberto , Livin' La Vida Loca/Ricky Martin , Lambada/Kaoma , Mais Que Nada/Sergio Mendes , Brazil la la la song , anything by Santana

Obviously, we are only scraping the surface of the possibilities for world travel with our extreme generalizations, but what can we do? This is THE WHOLE WORLD we're talking about here!

All we can hope to do is to prime the pump of your imagination to inspire you to explore it.

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