Vacation Ideas
from Books, Movies and TV

By Malayna Dawn

So you want to go somewhere but you have no idea where to go? Take a look at your bookshelf or entertainment unit! There is almost always a way to turn vacation ideas from your favorite books, movies or TV shows into travel adventures.

If your favorite story is set somewhere in the real world, or based on a real world location, you can visit the real place. For example, Lara Croft went to Angkor Wat in Cambodia in Tomb Raider (a movie made from a video game ), and it made me want to go there. So I did. (And it made me think of Indiana Jones...see?)

Here's a list of ideas that come to mind:

  • Jane Austen's England
  • Harry Potter's England
  • The Da Vinci Code's (or Dan Brown's) Europe
  • Twilight in the Pacific NW - Seattle Ferry view-photo by Kristi Brolezi
  • Shakespeare's Europe
  • Bourne Identity's Europe
  • Eat Pray Love - Italy, India and Indonesia
  • Twilight's NW Pacific
  • Pirates of the Caribbean
  • Anne Rice's New Orleans
  • Baz Luhrmann's world - Australia, Moulin Rouge, Verona
  • Indiana Jones travels - almost everywhere!
Indiana Jones World Map - by artist Matt Rausch

Film Locations as Vacation Ideas

Sometimes, in the movies, the scenes aren't filmed where they were supposed to be set. Or find the locations used and visit them! For example:

  • While in Southern France, I was surprised to hear that Carcassone Castle was used as an English castle in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves , (though all other locations used were actually in the UK). However, a historical time travel novel by Kate Mosse, Labyrinth , is set there.

Carcassone Castle France
Carcassone Castle, France

  • Anna and the King should make you want to go to Thailand, but it was filmed in Malaysia. (Whose ad campaign says they're "Truly Asia".)

And if the places don't exist, you can visit the places they were filmed, or based on.

  • The mythical lands in Game of Thrones are filmed in the UK, as well as Malta and Morocco.

Another travel idea: you may also be able to take studio tours to some locations of your favorite scenes from movies and film.

Universal Studios is perhaps the most famous, but I know Warner Bros. offers them as well. The WB museum on the lot has memorabilia from stars like John Wayne and Bogey to the world of Harry Potter!

Then again, you can visit Disneyland or Disneyworld, where you'll find rides based on Pirates of the Caribbean and Indiana Jones.

Turn your flights of fancy into real vacation ideas
to make life a great adventure!
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