Travel the World, Steampunk Style

By Malayna Dawn
Steampunk Travel- Porthole view of Dirigible or Airship over a beautiful city Embrace the adventure of bygone eras, when steam-powered engines and inventive strides in aviation and technology fed the dreams of travel to faraway lands.

Today, you can still combine travel by:

*airship * cable car * steam train * hot air balloon * submersible * tall sailing ship * steamship *

...with "time travel" in a modern jet to immerse yourself in a fusion of past and present all the way around the world!

Because the Steampunk aesthetic isn't confined to one historical time period, or even to reality, we are free to mix and match.

Though generally set in the Victorian era, almost anything up to World War II that points to a thirst for scientific advancement and adventure might be accepted, IF you do it right.

Sample Steampunk Round-the-World Itinerary

Created by Spiral Whirled Travels, just for Steampunk travelers!

* Los Angeles * San Francisco * Chicago * New Orleans * Caribbean * Atlantic * Mediterranean * Egypt * India * Sri Lanka * China *
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covering the Caribbean, Atlantic, and Mediterranean and then from the Middle East across Asia!

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