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By Malayna Dawn

A snazzy smiley vampiress enjoys an event at a castle.
Though the fictional genres we describe as Flights of Fancy may involve adventures that take place in your mind, there are ways to experience them in the so-called "real world" as well.

One way is to attend a convention, which we will elaborate upon below.

Others involve getting a bit creative about your travel plans.

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Conventions, AKA "Cons"

Conventions offer a chance to share your passions with other fans of your favorite imaginary worlds. Most cons share some basic events:

  • Shop for memorabilia, collectibles and other fun thematic goodies.

  • Panels--Attend panels with experts in the field, which can include artists, authors or just your fellow obsessors!

  • Meet & Greet--Meet the artists involved in the creation of the books, graphic novels, animated or live-action television shows or films, music and/or video games.

  • Costumes!--Costume contests may involve cosplay (which involves a bit of acting) or musical performance. It may be in the form of Live-Action Role Playing games, also known as LARPs--where your ability to stay in character is part of your winning strategy.

Gothic Lolitas dress like dolls with a dark edge.

There is plenty of crossover, too. Many cons are held annually and choose a theme each year.

So an anime con focusing on Japanese pop culture might choose a horror theme, or a sci-fi con might mix it up with some steampunk-ishness.

We at Spiral Whirled Travels find that our obsessions with world travel, time travel and flights of fancy fit most closely within the Steampunk sub-genre.

So we'll highlight those here, and then we'll refer you to people who are good at keeping track of the others, below!

Steampunk Cons and Gatherings

Gaslight GatheringGaslight II, "The Expedition" is the second coming, if you will, of Southern California's first dedicated Steampunk and Victoriana Convention. They'll be exploring such exotic lands as Guatemala and India, too! San Diego, CAMay 11-13, 2012
Steampunk World's Fair Billed as the world's largest, friendliest and most festive Steampunk Event, they also claim to be the world's most spectacular steampunk extravaganza, and the greatest Steampunk festival in the world. Find out! Piscataway, NJMay 18-20, 2012
ConTemporalConTemporal is a science fiction convention rooted in Steampunk, celebrating all forms of sci-fi: literature, television, movies, comics, gaming, etc. Chapel Hill, NCJune 21-24, 2012
SteamConTheme: "Victorian Monsters" - classic monsters get a steampunk makeover - monster hunters are welcome too.Bellevue, WAOct 26-28, 2012
UtopiaConUtopiaCon is an eclectic convention, catering to Faerie, Gothic, Pirate, Medieval, Renaissance, Steampunk, Gaming, Tribal,etc. Cincinnati, OHOct 26-28, 2012
TeslaConThe theme of TeslaCon 3 is "A Trip to the Moon". Check their site for more updates on the adventure! Madison, WINov 30 - Dec 2, 2012
AnachroConCelebrate history, both real and imagined! If you have a love for yesterday's future, mix and mingle with Steampunks, Neo-Victorians, Retro-Futurists, Historical Re-enactors, Time Travelers, and anyone who loves to chronicle the past and present. Atlanta, GAFebruary 22-24, 2013

Time Travel Adventurers

Other Cons That Fit Our Fandom

TimeGate A Sci-Fi /Fantasy con that focuses on time travel! “Dr. Who, Stargate and everything in between.” Atlanta, GAMay 25 -27, 2012
ReaderCon"Although Readercon is modeled on science fiction conventions, there is no art show, no costumes, no gaming, and almost no media. Instead, Readercon features a near-total focus on the written word." Burlington Mass.July 12-15 2012
Dragon*ConA large multi-media, popular culture convention focusing on science fiction and fantasy, gaming, comics, literature, art, music, and film. They even have a puppet slam! Atlanta, GAAug 31 - Sept 1, 2012

For more info on Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Horror and Comic Cons, check out these great sites!

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