Imaginary Journeys for the Adventurous Spirit

Leonardo da Vinci had flights of fancy Flights of Fancy are generally understood to mean daydreams or imaginary journeys.

But even actual flight, as in aviation, used to be thought of as merely a fanciful notion.

Looking at these drawings by Leonardo da Vinci, you can see the meeting of mind and inspiration, dream and ingenuity, taking aviation from the realm of the conceptual to reality.

He was just one of many dreamers on a journey to make the impossible possible. It only took another few (hundred) years and a gaggle of other great geeks before travelers like us were able to take to the skies. So you can see why we take Flights of Fancy so seriously.

We at Spiral Whirled Travels know that spending time exploring in your imagination is a major part of creating an experience--whether it takes place only your minds, or becomes part of our world.

For us, spending large portions of each day in our own imaginations, and enjoying the inspiration and creativity found in books, TV, film, music, art, conversation, etc...are essential elements of a life well lived!

Imaginareal Travels

While some journeys remain confined to our inner worlds, the experience--the feelings and emotions, even a sense of catharsis--are very real. And some imaginary travels do "gather enough steam" to break the bonds of the the metaphysical to become reality in the physical world, whether through entertainment or innovation.

We like to think of such travels as "imaginareal" -- a form of specialty travel that we encourage.

Embarking upon Imaginary Journeys

Flights of Fancy are the departure points for wonderful adventures, and you don't even have to book a ticket!
Flights of Fancy - earth, space and time

  • Sci-Fi - based in scientific possibilities, these journeys require that you travel to places and times that don't exist in the real far as we know. (Many concepts born in sci-fi have become technological realities!)

  • Historical fiction (shouldn't it be called "Hi Fi"? Guess that moniker was taken...) Based in real times and places that you can visit in the real world, the journey itself is fiction, but no less fabulous!

  • Fantasy fiction - These fantastical tales involve imaginary worlds , mythical beings and magic...though some bear more than a passing resemblance to times and places we might recognize and can visit.

  • Steampunk - this subgenre of Speculative Fiction is based in the period of time when steam engines and clockwork were the basis for transportation and technology. Generally accepted to coincide with the Victorian era, it allows those with an adventurous spirit to explore a world that might-have been.

  • The Hero's Journey - Joseph Campbell wrote about this meta-myth--an archetypal pattern found in folklore and storytelling from around the world and throughout history. Today, its message of transformation can be seen in all kinds of stories--from superheroes to Star Wars, Jesus to Harry Potter--and even in your own life (the story in which YOU are the hero).

We're here to help you find ways to have an experience, a real journey, whether you leave the house or not! Your adventure has to start somewhere, right?

Click here to discover how to experience your Flights of Fancy in the real world!

Or, visit real locations from your imaginary journeys from our Vacation Ideas page.

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