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Just what can our Spiral Whirled Festivals Calendar do for you anyway? Well, a couple of things. But here are some hypotheticals to get you started:

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Hypothetical Situation #1 - Let's say you'll be back-packing around Europe next summer, and need a festivals calendar because you've been reading Ernest Hemmingway and you're dying to run with the bulls. But where ARE the bulls? And when can you run with them? And what if you just want to liberate them from such cruel traditions? You're going to need some information for all of that.

Hypothetical Situation #2 - You don't want to go anywhere NEAR those dangerous bulls. In fact, you're much happier dressing up like Apsis the Egyptian bull god, looking for a Furry Convention, or maybe you just want to hero-stalk at the next Comic-Con in San Diego. Whatever the case, you're going to need a festivals schedule to figure out where you should be and when, just so you don't make a bull's behind of yourself.

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Hypothetical Situation #3 - You're a total sofa spud and just want to know what's on the agenda for the Toronto International Film Festival. Or when Formula 1 drivers will race in Turkey. Or when the citizens of Athens will celebrate Easter.

There's a lot you can learn right here at Spiral Whirled Travels — take a peek at our Master Festivals Calendar below. We're constantly building out our database, and providing links to real websites with more information when we can find them. We're attempting to host the best festivals calendar available on line, delivering as many locations and dates of festivals as we can find. Stick with us, Whirled Travelers, and we'll get you there if we can. Here are some other ways to search:

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Spiral Whirled Travels - Dates of Festivals

Continent and CountryBeginning/ End DatesWorld Festivals and EventsDescription
Baltics & Russia: MoscowDEC 15, 2012 to JAN 15, 2013 (approximate)Moscow Winter FestivalARTS: Russian festivals abound throughout the country, but the Winter Festival in Moscow is the largest. Expect public performances, crafts, food, games and ice sculputres.
North America: USA: Las VegasJAN 16, 2013 to JAN 19, 2013AVN Adult Entertainment ExpoCONVENTION or TRADE SHOW: Held every January in Las Vegas, this is a trade show exhibit to be held for three days in the Hard Rock Hotel.
North America: USA: MassachusettsJAN 18, 2013 to JAN 21, 2013ArisiaCONVENTION or TRADE SHOW: Complete with Masquerade contest, Arisia is a gathering of science fiction and fantasy fans and dealers.
Asia: India: JaipurJAN 24, 2013 to JAN 28, 2013Jaipur Literature FestivalARTS: International writers, celebrities and Nobel Prize Winners from Bollywood and beyond flock to Diggi Palace for the event.
InternationalJAN 24, 2013 to JAN 24, 2012Prophet Mohammed's BirthdayRELIGIOUS OBSERVANCE: Birthday of the Prophet Mohammed. The Shias celebrate five days earlier than the Sunnis, while many Muslims do not recognize the occasion as a holiday at all.
North America: USA: PennsylvaniaFEB 2, 2013 to FEB 2, 2013Groundhog DayPUBLIC FESTIVAL: Since 1887, people have been trekking out to Gobbler's Knob to pull poor Puxsutawney Phil out of his hibernation hole. . . just so he can forecast the weather. Instead of trekking out to PA in the middle of winter, we suggest you watch the movie, Groundhog Day, instead, starring Bill Murray.
North America: New OrleansFEB 3, 2013 to FEB 3, 2013Super Bowl XLVIIPROFESSIONAL SPORTS: The Super Bowl has been played since 1967. The game starts at 6:30 p.m. ET, but many fans will be drinking long before then.
Asia: Japan: SapporoFEB 5, 2013 to FEB 11, 2013Sapporo Snow FestivalARTS: Two million people gather in Sapporo to watch snow and ice sculptures take shape. Teams of three from around the globe compete. Music and bushwalkig on skis, authentic local cuisine and entertainments abound.
Asia: India: New DelhiFEB 8, 2013 to FEB 10, 2013Comic Con IndiaCONVENTION or TRADE SHOW: Inspired by Comic Con San Diego, this convention isn't nearly as big. But it is growing fast. Here's a sampling of what you'll find there: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Indian_comics
South & Central Americas: BrazilFEB 8, 2013 to FEB 12, 2013Carnival, Rio de JaneiroPUBLIC FESTIVAL: The world famous Carnival of Rio is held every year just before the Christian Lenten season. Expect magnificent parade floats and costumes, as neighborhoods come up with competing themes to win top honors in the parades. Aside from the major parades and balls though, a variety of smaller street festivals offer slightly quieter entertainments. Overall, it's probably the largest party in the world.
South America: Brazil: Rio de JaneiroFEB 8, 2013 to FEB 12, 2013Rio de Janeiro CarnavalePUBLIC FESTIVAL: It's not just one Samba parade, it's a series of parades. And street parties. And mingling, mingling, mingling.
Asia: China: National CelebrationFEB 11, 2013 to FEB 15, 2013Spring FestivalPUBLIC FESTIVAL: Citizens of China have seven days off for the Chinese Lunar Year. Primarily family-oriented, Chinese expats return home to be with loved ones. Expect very full planes, trains and automobiles. Dates subject to lunar calendar.
Islands: TrinidadFEB 11, 2013 to FEB 12, 2013Carnival of the CaribbeanPUBLIC FESTIVAL: A world-renowned pre-Lenten festival that takes place Trinidad, Dominica, Haiti, Martinique and other islands. Each island has something slightly different to offer, but Trinidad hosts the largest party.
North America: USA: LouisianaFEB 12, 2013 to FEB 12, 2013Mardi Gras New OrleansPUBLIC FESTIVAL: Mardi Gras occurs on Fat Tuesday, the day before Ash Wednesday which marks the beginning of Lent for Christians. But festivities leading up to Fat Tuesday start two-three weeks before then. Stock up on beads.
North America: USA: FloridaFEB 14, 2013 to FEB 18, 2013Miami Boat ShowCONVENTION or TRADE SHOW: Billed as the greatest boat show in the world, over 200 exhibitors and a quarter million boat enthusiasts from all over the globe converge in South Florida every year for this event. The hotels are packed.
North America: USA: MassachusettsFEB 16, 2013 to FEB 17, 2013Boston Wine ExpoFOOD or LIBATIONS: Special events and vintner hosted dinners, the greatest wine growing regions of the world are all represented here in Boston. Learn about wine at seminars for amateurs and connoisseurs, or watch celebrity chefs steam up two special stages.
Asia: China: National CelebrationFEB 24, 2013 to FEB 24, 2013Lantern FestivalPUBLIC FESTIVAL: It's like Rapunzel in "Tangled", but different. A lunar holiday, the Chinese hang lanterns everywhere, and some will include riddles and a shopkeeper's address. Answer correctly and you may earn a small gift!
New Zealand/ So.Hemisphere: AucklandMAR 2013 to MAR 2013Pasifika Festival 2013, AucklandARTS: Two days of food, music, arts and dance representing 10 different cultures of Polynesia. Exact dates TBA.
Australia/ Southern Hem.: MelbourneMAR 15, 2013 to MAR 17, 2013Formula 1 Races AustraliaPROFESSIONAL SPORTS: Formula One's 1st race of the 2013 series.
Asia/ : Kuala LumpurMAR 22, 2013 to MAR 24, 2013Formula 1 Races MalaysiaPROFESSIONAL SPORTS: Formula One's 2nd race of the 2013 series.
North America: USA: New JerseyAPR 5, 2013 to APR 6, 2013Atlantic City Beer and Music Festival 2013FOOD or LIBATIONS: Tickets available through TicketMaster. But don't let that deter you.
Asia: China: ShanghaiAPR 12, 2013 to APR 14, 2013Formula 1 Races ChinaPROFESSIONAL SPORTS: Formula One's 3rd race of the 2013 series.
Asia: ThailandAPR 14, 2013 to APR 17, 2013Songkran 2013, ThailandPUBLIC FESTIVAL: The word Songkran has roots in Sanskrit and means to pass or move into. It''s really the Thai New Year and a time to clean house, honor Buddhist monks, and sprinkle water on elders in a sign of respect. Anyone not an elder though, is fair game for a MASSIVE water fight. Celebrations occur throughout the country.
Middle East: SakhirAPR 19, 2013 to APR 21, 2013Formula 1 Races BahrainPROFESSIONAL SPORTS: Formula One's 4th race of the 2013 series.
Africa: South AfricaAPR 26, 2013 to APR 28, 2013South African Cheese FestivalFOOD or LIBATIONS: Because apparently, cheese is big in South Africa.
Africa: South AfricaAPR 26, 2013 to APR 28, 2013South African Cheese FestivalFOOD or LIBATIONS: Because apparently, cheese is big in South Africa.
Middle East: IsraelMAY 2013 to MAY 2013Jacob's Ladder FestivalARTS: Jacob's Ladder Festival is a world music extravaganza featuring every genre of music from bluegrass to Irish folk, to Balkan and world rock. Limited hotel rooms, but free camping included in ticket purchases. Music workshops, crafts, concerts and more.
Europe: CatalunyaMAY 10, 2013 to MAY 12, 2013Formula 1 Races SpainPROFESSIONAL SPORTS: Formula One's 5th race of the 2013 series.
Europe: Monte CarloMAY 24, 2013 to MAY 26, 2013Formula 1 Races Monte CarloPROFESSIONAL SPORTS: Formula One's 6th race of the 2013 series.
North America: MontrealJUN 7, 2013 to JUN 9, 2013Formula 1 Races CanadaPROFESSIONAL SPORTS: Formula One's 7th race of the 2013 series.
Europe: England: LondonJUN 24, 2013 to JUL 7, 2013Wimbledon Wildcard Matches to FinalsPROFESSIONAL SPORTS: The 2013 Championships marked the 127th anniversary of Wimbledon play, known in the tennis world as the grandaddy of all tennis tournaments. It's the oldest, and the most prestigious.
Europe: England: LondonJUN 24, 2013 to JUL 7, 2013Wimbledon Wildcard Matches to FinalsPROFESSIONAL SPORTS: The 2013 Championships marked the 127th anniversary of Wimbledon play, known in the tennis world as the grandaddy of all tennis tournaments. It's the oldest, and the most prestigious.
Europe: SilverstoneJUN 28, 2013 to JUN 30, 2013Formula 1 RacesGreat BritainPROFESSIONAL SPORTS: Formula One's 8th race of the 2013 series.
Europe: TBDJUL 5, 2013 to JUL 7, 2013Formula 1 Races GermanyPROFESSIONAL SPORTS: Formula One's 9th race of the 2013 series.
Europe: PamplonaJUL 6, 2013 to JUL 14, 2013Running of the BullsPUBLIC FESTIVAL: Bully for you, if you want to run with the bulls. But know that this festival is dangerous, and you should be saying your prayers to San Fermin if you give it a go.
North America: USA: Santa BarbaraJUL 18, 2013 to JUL 20, 2013California Wine Festival - Santa BarbaraFOOD or LIBATIONS: Wine, song, chocolate. Yum.
Europe: BudapestJUL 26, 2013 to JUL 28, 2013Formula 1 Races HungaryPROFESSIONAL SPORTS: Formula One's 11th race of the 2013 series.
Europe: Spa-FrancorchampsAUG 23, 2013 to AUG 25, 2013Formula 1 Races BelgiumPROFESSIONAL SPORTS: Formula One's 12th race of the 2013 series.
Africa: KenyaAUG 24, 2013 to AUG 26, 2013Maralal Camel DerbyCONTEST or RACE: Major camel race, professional jockeys. Amateurs may compete as well, but don't expect to do well. The event boasts other festivities and contests, including a cycling race for those of you who compete on wheels instead of hooves.
Europe: BunolAUG 28, 2013 to AUG 28, 2013La Tomatina, SpainPUBLIC FESTIVAL: Possibly the world's largest fruit fight, this giant festival has been going on since World War II. The City Council instructs that you must squash your 'maters before you throw them, throw nothing but 'maters, and try not to rip anyone's shirt off in the process.
InternationalSEP 4, 2013 to SEP 4, 2013Rosh HashanahRELIGIOUS OBSERVANCE: Rosh Hashanah is the Jewish New Year, in which observers typically spend the day in synagogue.
Europe: MonzaSEP 6, 2013 to SEP 8, 2013Formula 1 Races ItalyPROFESSIONAL SPORTS: Formula One's 13th race of the 2013 series.
InternationalSEP 13, 2013 to SEP 13, 2013Yom KippurRELIGIOUS OBSERVANCE: The most important Jewish holiday, Yom Kippur is a Day of Atonement.
Asia: SingaporeSEP 20, 2013 to SEP 22, 2013Formula 1 Races SingaporePROFESSIONAL SPORTS: Formula One's 14th race of the 2013 series.
Europe: FranceSEP 20, 2013 to SEP 22, 2012Fete De La GastronomieFOOD or LIBATIONS: This is an international celebration of French cooking, with gastronomic events slated throughout France, as well as in Tokyo and in New York.
Asia: China: Hong KongSEP 29, 2013 to OCT 1, 2013Hong Kong Mid-Autumn Festival and Fire Dragon DancePUBLIC FESTIVAL: The harvest moon festival and celebration of a 14th century rebellion against Mongol overlords is on Sep 30. Head for a public park to take in the colorful surroundings alight with thousands of paper lanterns. The Tai Hang Fire Dragon commemorates a symbolic ritual to rid a coastal village of plague and livestock-eating pythons. The dragon dance takes place over three days.
Asia: YeongamOCT 04, 2013 to OCT 06, 2013Formula 1 Races KoreaPROFESSIONAL SPORTS: Formula One's 15th race of the 2013 series.
North America: USA: ColoradoOCT 10, 2013 to OCT 12, 2013Great American Beer Festival - DenverFOOD or LIBATIONS: The Great American Beer Festival is in the Convention Center in Denver. Aside from sipping beer in many styles, one of the highlights of the festival is the beer competition, in which a panel of judges will vote for America's best. Be sure to check out the Silent Disco, especially if you've been imbibing!
North America: USA: New YorkOCT 10, 2013 to OCT 13, 2013ComicCon 2013, New YorkCONVENTION or TRADE SHOW: Comic book convention for all fans.
North America: USA: MaineOCT10, 2013 to OCT 10, 2013Wife Carrying Championship - North AmericaCONTEST or RACE: Married or not, this race is open to male and female competitors to celebrate an old Finnish (or possibly caveman?) tradition in which robbers were said to have carried off women when marauding villages. The world championship is held in Finland in July.
Asia: SuzukaOCT 11, 2013 to OCT 13, 2013Formula 1 Races JapanPROFESSIONAL SPORTS: Formula One's 16th race of the 2013 series.
North America: USA: AtlantaOCT 16, 2013 to OCT 18, 2013Humanoids2012CONVENTION or TRADE SHOW: The International Conference on Humanoid Robots will take place in Atlanta this year. Proposal deadline for workshops is June 1.
North America: USA: New YorkOCT 17, 2012 to OCT 20, 2012New York City Wine and Food FestivalFOOD or LIBATIONS: Year number 5 of Food & Wine's gastronomical fest to benefit Share Our Strength and Food Bank of New York City. Get tickets for individual culinary experiences, or buy a pass to sample a selection of dinners and tastings.
Europe: IrelandOCT 23, 2013 to NOV 3, 2013Wexford Festival OperaPUBLIC FESTIVAL: Music, food and unfolding tragedy since 1950. This is a two week festival for those who want to dress up and watch high art on stage. Daytime packages include short form opera and musicales.
Asia: New DelhiOCT 25, 2013 to OCT 27, 2013Formula 1 Races IndiaPROFESSIONAL SPORTS: Formula One's 17th race of the 2013 series.
Europe: FranceOCT 30, 2012 to NOV 3, 2012Salon du Chocolat, ParisFOOD or LIBATIONS: The best chocolatiers of the world meld at the Versailles Exhibition Center every year. Expect over 400 vendors and exhibitors, tastings, and the world famous Chocolate Fashion Show. Someone tell Lady Gaga so she can finally give up the meat dresses.
Middle East: Abu DhabiNOV 1, 2013 to NOV 3, 2013Formula 1 Races United Arab EmiratesPROFESSIONAL SPORTS: Formula One's 18th race of the 2013 series.
InternationalNOV 5, 2013 to NOV 5, 2013Al-HijiraRELIGIOUS OBSERVANCE: Al-Hijra is the Islamic New Year, a time to make resolutions and reflect on the Prophet Muhammad's move from Mecca to Medina.
InternationalNOV 14, 2012 to NOV 14, 2012AshuraRELIGIOUS OBSERVANCE: Ashura marks the day Noah disembarked from his Ark, and the day that Allah saved Moses from the Egyptians.
North America: AustinNOV 15, 2012 to NOV 17, 2012Formula 1 Races Texas, USAPROFESSIONAL SPORTS: Formula One's 19th race of the 2013 series.
South & Central Americas: Sao PauloNOV 22, 2012 to NOV 24, 2012Formula 1 Races BrazilPROFESSIONAL SPORTS: Formula One's 20th race of the 2013 series.
InternationalNOV 27, 2012 to DEC 5, 2012HanukkahRELIGIOUS OBSERVANCE: Hanukkah is the Festival of Lights with deep, historical roots dating back to Alexander the Great, subsequent Jewish oppression by Antiochus IV, and keeping lights burning in the Temple of Jerusalem throughout the night.
InternationalDEC 25, 2013 to DEC 25, 2013ChristmasRELIGIOUS OBSERVANCE: Whether secular or religious, Christmas usually means at least one day off for many around the world. Many businesses will be closed.
Baltics & Russia: SochiFEB 7, 2014 to FEB 23, 20142014 Winter OlympicsPROFESSIONAL SPORTS: Tickets should go on sale late 2012. If you need to be the first to know when they are available, register on the Official Sochi 2014 site.
South & Central Americas: Brazil: Various CitiesJUN 12, 2014 to JUL 13, 2014FIFA World CupPROFESSIONAL SPORTS: The Federation of International Football Association's World Cup will be hosted in multiple venues in Brazil.
Baltics & Russia: EstoniaJUL 2014 to JUL 2014 (TBD)Estonia Song and Dance FestivalARTS: An 18,000 voice choir, and a 10,000 member dance troupe, this festival has origins in the 19th century. Held at the Tallinn Song Festival Grounds, it happens once every five years, and is declared a Masterpiece of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.

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