Combining World Travel with
Time Travel and Flights of Fancy

Spiral Whirled Travels offers an imaginative take on world travel, because we know that all travel begins with an idea.

For us, the borders between real and the imaginary are always shimmering and moving, spiraling and whirling, so we offer vacation ideas for every type of explorer, whether the travel takes place out in the world . . or only in your imagination.

Here's how to make your way through our Whirled
to find new ways to explore our world

World Travel ~ by Region or Reason
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Time Travel & Flights of Fancy
Time Travel and Flights of Fancy - a dirigible flies past a large antique clock
The World, SimplifiedDestinations from Books, Movies & TV
World Cultures,World HeritageHistoric Sites & Historical Re-enactments
World Festivals & EventsSteampunk, Sci Fi, Fantasy & Comics
Natural WondersThe Hero's Journey

Here's a little about each section:

The World, Simplified | World Travel
Here, we break the world down by regions, mention famous destinations and offer movies and songs to give you the feel of the place.

Destinations from Books, Movies and TV | Vacation Ideas
The best vacation ideas come from inspired storytelling that has captured our hearts and minds before we even think of planning a trip.

World Culture, World Heritage | What's Their Flavor?
What is world culture and how do you even begin to explore it, let alone understand it? Some basic history helps, along with language basics and tidbits for getting by.

Historic Sites & Historical Recreations | Time Travel
Visit the past, re-enact it or experience alternate timelines with a little imagination and an adventurous spirit!

World Festivals and Events | Celebrate!
If you’re traveling abroad and wondering what world festivals and events are happening in the areas you’ll be visiting, wonder no more.

Steampunk, Sci Fi, Fantasy & Comic Cons | Flights of Fancy
Flights of Fancy are imaginary journeys--a form of specialty travel, if you will--across your inner landscape. But you can experience them physically too, at Sci Fi, Fantasy Steampunk or Comic Conventions!

Natural Wonders of the World | Spiral Whirled Travels
A myriad of natural wonders can be found all around the world, and there are so many ways to appreciate and experience them--from adventure travel and ecotourism to small changes at home.

The Hero's Journey | Inner Explorations
This is a journey that resonates with all of us, and gives shape to our lives and wings to the adventurous spirit.

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Spiral Whirled Home | Spiral Whirled Travels
At the center of the Spiral Whirl is where you find your home base. And home is the place from which any journey must begin!

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